We are able to help you make decisions relevant to your business by designing reports specific to your needs. We will provide a quote for servicing / consulting on any of the below mentioned modules of Pastel BIC and Alchemex. We support the full range of Pastel BIC and Alchemex modules.

BIC Standard / Alchemex Report Manager

We are able to develop custom reports which can be imported and run from Pastel BIC standard (without the need to have the Pastel BIC advanced module) or Alchemex Report Manager module.

BIC Advanced / Alchemex Administrator

We are able to extract information from different Pastel companies or from different databases. This is needed if you want to consolidate Pastel companies or have a report that displays information from systems other than your ERP system.

BIC OLAP / Alchemex OLAP

On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a method of analysing large volumes of data using MS Excel Pivot Table as the analysing engine. The BIC OLAP or Alchemex OLAP module is used to create the offline OLAP file (called a cube file). This file is setup with specific Dimensions (used for drill down) and specific Measures (used for aggregating).

BIC Web solution / Alchemex Web solution

This module enables you to distribute Pastel BIC or Alchemex report through a website. The site can be made available only on your intranet or on the World Wide Web. This comes with security to keep your information private.

Alchemex Data Collection Services (DCS)

This Module enables you to extract relevant data into a SQL data warehouse from any ODBC compliant database. This data can be transferred through a WAN or using HTTPS transfer protocol.